How to Steward an Idaho Tiny House Association Dwelling


This document explains the process for obtaining a Tiny House.  subject to revision by the Board  General Membership.

1. Learn about Idaho Tiny House Assoc.  and become a member.

2. Earn equity hours toward your Tiny House:

a. Sign up for hours at the build site--- under the volunteer heading on our website--- You will need to enter your E-mail address. People who work and people who are building their own Tiny House may get priority for hours.

b.)  You may earn equity hours toward your Tiny House before being accepted as a member of Idaho Tiny House Assoc.  

c.) Before you start building your own Tiny House, you must help others build their Tiny House.

d.) Be sure to show up for your hours. Get to know us, and let us get to know you!

If you need to miss a shift at the build,  please notify the Build Manager for your shift 12 hours in advance or find a substitute. It is important that Build Managers know how many people to expect, and it is even more important that all available spaces are filled by people who will work on that day. Missed shifts may delay your receipt of a Tiny House. Of course, shifts missed due to work or emergencies will not be penalized.

3.)   Put your name forward for consideration to obtain a Tiny House if you:

-have 32 hours of shop/sweat equity

-self-identify as in need of a Tiny House

-are not on the hold list(see paragraph below)

Hold List

Between the time you begin earning equity hours and the time you are selected to become the steward of a Tiny House, you may be put on a hold list if you engage in behaviors that would not be allowed for a Tiny Home Steward. See the Idaho Tiny House Assoc.  Conduct Policy document. The steward(s) of a Tiny House is(are)the occupants who live in the Tiny House and are responsible for its care and upkeep. If you are on the hold list, you may still accumulate equity, but your selection for a Tiny House may be delayed until such time that you demonstrate that your behavior will not be a concern to Idaho Tiny House Assoc.  This will be determined by the Board of Directors.    

4. The Board of Directors will periodically review the list of applicants for a Tiny House and prepare a list of equally qualified top eligible persons based on the following criteria:

-the total number of hours you have worked

-the number of meetings you have attended

-how many work shifts you have missed without proper notification of  the build manager

-your ability to work and cooperate with others

-a final review of your questionnaire

-past conduct as a predictor of likely compliance with the rules of conduct

Conduct Policy.

-suitability of Tiny Home life to your life circumstances

-length of time of participation in Idaho Tiny House Assoc.

-community service with a Board approved non-profit organization

-other life circumstances

5. When Idaho Tiny House Assoc.  begins construction of a Tiny House, The Board of Directors will select the next Tiny House steward(s).

6. If there are more than one equally qualified top eligible people  waiting for a Tiny House the next recipient of a Tiny House  will be determined by a random drawing from the top eligible persons list.

7. Once you have earned a place on the equally qualified top eligible persons list, you will continue to be on the top eligible persons list unless you have been put on the hold list. More names may be added to the equally qualified top eligible persons list. It is solely the discretion of the Board of Directors as to the length of the list of persons that will be considered to be equally qualified top eligible persons.

8. If you are dissatisfied with the determination of the top eligible persons list, you may appeal the decision first to the Board and then to the General Membership if you are still dissatisfied.

9. If you are selected, congratulations! Sign the Tiny Contract, set up a work schedule-payment plan(equity hours), and join in the construction of your very own Tiny Home!.

10. The work schedule-payment plan will be based upon the current best estimate of the average number of hours it takes to build a Tiny House.