“HOME, SWEET HOME” means the most to those without one.


The Tiny House Vision


Successfully implemented across the country—from Madison, WI to Portland, OR to Austin, TX—a growing number of cities have found a practical solution to homelessness through the construction of tiny-house villages.

Inside Idaho Tiny House


A Boise-based nonprofit, the Idaho Tiny House Association is striving to build tiny mobile houses for the homeless in Idaho. Our mission? To provide a secure habitation where any un-housed person will have a bed to sleep in and a door to lock.

Making It Happen


Make a tax-deductible donation or give your materials, expertise & pair of helping hands.


“Homeless people do not feel isolated; they feel that they are engaged. People are taking pride in their tiny house and their surroundings. It's just like a neighborhood.”

Sharon Lee, executive director of the Low Income Housing Institute in Seattle, WA