Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a secure habitation where any un-housed person will have a bed to sleep in and a door to lock.

We are a non-profit Association, registered with the Idaho Attorney General, striving to build tiny mobile houses for the homeless in Idaho.

We are devoted to assisting homeless citizens of Idaho to steward a Tiny House.  It has been proven that a home space provides countless benefits to its residents in terms of feeling of community, security, increased self-respect, mental health, and hope for the future.

The “Tiny House” solution has been successfully implemented in places like Madison, WI and, Portland, OR, and Austin, TX. Much like the efforts of other build-based charities, the success of this program will be attributed to local community involvement including but not limited to: contribution of building materials, contribution of construction skills and time, contribution of money, and community/governmental support and guidance. It is also necessary for our exclusionary zoning laws to be changed.  Our goal for the future is not only to provide homes, but to also designate a tiny home community in a location suitable for our cause. Together we can make a positive change in our communities through outreach and cooperation.